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Our online shop is packed with delicious authentic cheeses made in our dairy, including Caciocavallo, Straw Smoked Scamorza, Ricotta, Halloumi, Mozzarella and Cultured Butter. We also carry a range of Mediterranean products which we import through our original business, The Real Olive Company. We specialise in olives, extra virgin olive oils, cured meats, aged balsamic vinegars, dried fruits, preserves and various antipasti ingredients.
We ship our Mozzarella on the same day that we make it, meaning that our customers receive their cheese within 24 hours of production. This is great for customers who wish to have fresh Mozzarella and Irish artisan cheeses, but who can't get to one of our markets. Thanks to our online shop we are now able to provide the freshest Mozzarella to customers all over Ireland!
We have also now launched a home delivery service in Cork and Central Dublin, where our driver will carefully deliver your products with a beaming smile to your door.