We makes cow's milk Mozzarella, known as Fior di Latte, which is Italian for "flower of the milk".  

Our Mozzarella is made with raw cow's milk that is cultured with whey starter, fully acidified and then stretched by hand in a traditional mastello. It is slightly drier and firmer than the Buffalo version, with less acidity. The whey starter gives our Mozzarella a delicious umami flavour, which you cannot find in the commercially produced Mozzarellas available in Supermarkets. "Fior di Latte" is the Mozzarella of choice for pizzerias in Naples as well as Toons Bridge because it melts to a softer and stringier mass. 

Our Mozzarella is delivered within 24 hours of production, be it to our market stalls, to our wholesale clients or our online shop customers. When Mozzarella is fresh, it's texture and flavour are beyond comparison. We are passionate about providing this experience to our customers. 

We also make a cows milk Mozzarella that is in the tradition of Agerola, near Sorrento. This raw milk Mozzarella is made without starters and is left over night to ripen in the dairy. It is then stretched in boiling water and after brining is wrapped in paper. This is more acidic and drier than normal cows milk Mozzarella. 

Making Mozzarella in the dairy