Fior di Latte


'Fior di Latte' is a mozzarella made from cows milk. Our milk comes from Michael Dorney's herd in Kilnaglory, where Michael also milks our Buffalo. 

Like in our Buffalo Mozzarella we thermise the milk once it arrives at the dairy. Following in the Neapolitan tradition, we use a ripened whey and milk starter to kick start the cheesemaking process before the curd is let to naturally acidify in it's own whey. This step is essential to the development of a flavour profile unachievable by industrial methods. As with all of our 'Pasta Filata' cheeses the acidified curd is hand stretched in a mastello. This allows us to adjust the stretch to the milk as the seasons change. 

Fior di Latte tanslates to 'flower of milk' and applies solely to Mozzarella made from cow's milk. A smoother pasta with impressive stringablility means Fior di Latte is great on pizza though it is just as good enjoyed fresh.