Copy of Buffalo Mozzarella


We are proud to be making Buffalo Mozzarella with milk from our own herd of Italian Water Buffalo, milked by Micheal Dorney at his farm in Kilnaglory. We collect the milk fresh from Michael's farm and once it arrives at the dairy it is thermised. This gentle treatment cleans up the milk without compromising flavour or texture. A ripened whey and milk starter is used to culture our Mozzarella and it is let to fully acidify. Once the curd has been drained of it's whey and shredded, we add hot water and stretch it by hand in a traditional mastello. By stretching or 'spinning' the curd using this ancient technique we achieve a layered texture that helps to retain cream in the finished cheese, giving it an irresistably juicy bite. The use of whey and milk starter drives the flavour in our Mozzarella contributes a delicious umami flavour, something you cannot find in the commercially produced Mozzarellas available in Supermarkets. It is best enjoyed fresh!

Our Mozzarella is delivered within 24 hours of production, be it to our market stalls, to our wholesale clients or our online shop customers. When Mozzarella is fresh, it's texture and flavour are beyond comparison. Providing this experience to our customers is our passion.

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